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Categories of Membership:

The classes of Members/Associates/Affiliates and the method by which Members/Associates/Affiliates are admitted to different classes are as follows:

Member - A Member is a duly registered limited liability company, actively engaged in the practice, design and construction, erection, maintenance, servicing, supply and/or administration of mechanical services, refrigeration (including refrigerants), heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and systems. In addition to qualify as a Member, the Member must meet the Membership criteria set by the board from time to time.

Fees for full membership are based on Company Turnover for the year and include GST

Company Turnover Fee
Associate $1144.25
Member $0-$600k $546.25
Member $600k-$1m $776.25
Member $1m up to $3m $1144.25
Member $3m up to $6m $2242.50
Member $6m up to $10m $3392.50
Member Over $10m $4542.50

There is a one off $100 application fee for all new members and associates.

Associate - An Associate is a company, partnership, independent contractor, service organisation, supplier of equipment and/or materials to the Society's industry sectors and is supportive of the previously named industries but who would otherwise not qualify for Membership or do qualify for Membership but elect not to have voting rights or representation on the board through their sector affiliation. Associates are not eligible for Member-only benefits of n3 and free access to online Standards.

**All Members must have a current and appropriate Health and Safety Policies Manual**

**INSURANCE Important Note: **

This Company has and maintains appropriate Professional indemnity Insurance coverage or confirms that we do not provide advice or design services.  We understand that provision of advice or design services without adequate PI Insurance breaches CCCA Membership and results in disqualification and termination of membership.

CCCA Code of Conduct

  • Members of CCCA pledge to act with honesty, fairness, courtesy and competence.
  • Members agree not to behave in a manner that brings the reputation & status of the association into disrepute.
  • Members agree to be good stewards of the world’s resources including energy, natural and human resources.
  • Efforts of members shall be committed to public health, safety and welfare.
  • Members agree to act carefully and competently in carrying out our business, encouraging members to use and develop up to date knowledge and skills.
  • Members agree to respect the confidentiality of information, materials, procedures and intellectual property of the association and that learnt through the association.
  • Members agree to respect national and cultural boundaries in all their business dealings.
  • Members agree to support the promotion of a sustainable industry in terms of knowledge, resources and skills.

**It is acknowledged that this was based on the ASHRAE code**

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The sector groups include:

1) HVAC Mechanical Services:

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning for institutional, commercial and/or industrial facilities; includes piped services and fume handling installations including:

  • Hot water heating & chilled water installations
  • Steam installations
  • Medical gases & medical vacuum systems
  • Compressed air
  • Commercial and industrial ventilation
  • Air-conditioning central plant & all other types of systems
  • Fume cupboard installations & associated fan & ducting installations
  • Automatic controls & BMS systems
  • Combustion gas services
2) Ventilation:
Systems and processes that provide for the movement of air from one place to another.
3) Refrigeration: design, manufacture, installation and/or maintenance of refrigeration equipment.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Vapour compression systems
  • Absorption systems
  • Secondary/cascade systems
4) Hot water heat pumps and air conditioning

Heat pumps for:

  • Potable hot water
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Pool heating
  • Underfloor heating
5) Suppliers and Manufacturers:
Suppliers of equipment, goods and services (including training of apprentices and technicians) to the industry.

Why join?

  • To gain access to those who influence the laws and regulations that governs our industry, such as government.
  • To gain recognition in the industry to assist company growth.
  • To have a forum to upskill knowledge in industry related forums.
  • To gain access to other companies involved in the industry through networking opportunities provided in the form of conferences, seminars and social activity.
  • Access to savings and relevant standards through our Member Benefits

Our membership encompasses companies who willingly accept the responsibility and discipline of a recognised trade association.  They emphasis the professionalism we believe should identify our industry.

  • To provide a discussion forum for the sharing of experience and knowledge through the fellowship of member companies.
  • To make representation through the industry to statutory bodies and other such authorities on matters of concern to the industry.
  • To liaise with education and training providers.
  • To promote the profile of the industry to affiliated industries groups, statutory bodies etc.

Business Networking:

Members are encouraged to attend annual conferences, presentations and workshops.

Management Skills

The opportunity is given to all members to serve on the CCCA board.

Such involvement allows you to develop your own management style and engage with your industry on a broader base.

Industry Quality Standards

Through our membership of Standards NZ plus representation on various standards committees we are able to influence this important area of our industry.


Members Codes of Conduct and Codes of Practice ensure that membership are meeting the highest of standards of conduct and workmanship. If a member is accused of defaulting on these codes, CCCA will arbitrate on the matter.  Artbitration is only a service for Members, not for Associates or Affiliates.

Industry representation to Government

Through the collective muscle of membership, CCCA connects to government in a variety of ways through direct meetings, making submissions and informally to ensure the best interests of our industry are being seen by government.

Become a CCCA member:

Download a 2015 Application Form

Download a copy of the Society Rules

Once completed please forward your application for membership to:

CCCA Administration Office
PO Box 217184, Botany Junction, Auckland 2164

Alternatively, Fax: 09 273 0045 or Email: admin@ccca.org.nz

Please allow 10 working days to process your membership application.

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