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CCCA Business Innovation Award CCCA Excellence in Business Practice Award
For a company that has been outstanding in innovation in the climate control industry. This could be (but is not limited to) - producing or introducing new technology to NZ; implementing new practices to the industry (e.g. installation practices, service standards) For a company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing new systems or practices in their business that has improved profitability. This could be (but is not limited to) customer retention, new business, training and development, marketing.

Entry Criteria

Both awards are open to any company operating in the HVAC&R sector. The nominated company must be a company registered in New Zealand with the Companies Office.


A company is ineligible if it:

* has a current CCCA Board Member working for it

* has a company director on the CCCA Board

* has a shareholder on the CCCA Board

* has a member of the judging panel working for it, as a company director, shareholder or a close business relationship such as accountant or lawyer

Application Process

A company or nominee must complete the nomination form and provide two testimonials to support the nomination. This could be a supplier, customer, accountant or lawyer. The judging panel may also ask for further information.

Judging Panel

The panel will consist of up to four judges; with a minimum of three. These are:

* Two CCCA Board Members (or nominee who is an owner/senior manager of a CCCA Member Company)

* An independant judge from a professional business background

* An appropriately qualified individual from another industry association/government body/crown entity from the HVAC&R sector

The Judging Panel's decision is final. No discussions on the panel's decisions will be entered into.
Nomination form for the Business Innovation Award Nomination form for the Excellence in Business Practice Award


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