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Current Standard Committees and their CCCA representatives

As part of the Climate Control Companies Association's mission to promote high standards in the HVAC&R industry we are pleased have the support of the following companies and their employees who volunteer their time to participate on these committees on behalf of the CCCA and the industry:

Refrigerated Display Cabinets Brian Rees McAlpine Hussman Ltd
Refrigeration Brian Rees McAlpine Hussmann Ltd
Ventilation and Air Conditioning Grant Price Heatwave Mechanical Services Ltd
Residential Air Conditioning Systems - Minimum Application Requirements for Energy Efficiency Dave Nicholls Realcold Ltd

These committees consist of industry experts that work together with wide spread industry consultation and public input to create Standards that provide potential solutions to issues, resolve problems and provide a means of compliance with legislation. Joint Standards with Australia also help remove technical barriers to trans-Tasman trade and improve quality and efficiency through shared resources.

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