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Media Release: AMCA & CCCA sign MOU



The Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association of Australia (AMCA) and the Climate Control Companies Association (CCCA) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding in a formal ceremony conducted at the AMCA National Conference held in Port Douglas. The memorandum was signed off by the Chair of CCCA – Mr. Matthew Darby and President of the AMCA – Mr. Chris Wright.
The agreement recognises the opportunities for both organisations in the mechanical services and air conditioning industry, in their respective countries.
The Memorandum of Understanding was read out to an assembled audience of over sixty mechanical services contractors, conference sponsors and other AMCA member delegates, who witnessed the signing ceremony.
The Memorandum of Understanding reflects the similar intent of a range of international cooperation agreements that exists between the Australian and New Zealand governments, professional bodies and industry associations. It is being established to:
* Encourage information exchange between both organisations;
* Assist in the development of policy responses to key industry issues;
* Extend and expand member services;
* Take up any opportunities for economies of scale in member service delivery; and
* Build on the existing intent of other inter-government economic agreements between Australia and New Zealand.
In the future both CCCA and AMCA will work with one another to examine services and products that each association has or offers, which could be exchanged and localised to benefit the members in either jurisdiction. Early efforts will include setting up regular meetings of both group’s national councils and opportunities to regularly attend industry meetings and conferences. The Memorandum of Understanding does not in any way diminish the independence of either organisation. Progress in the areas and actions outlined above will be
jointly announced as they develop.
In the closing ceremony of the AMCA National Conference, presentations from outgoing President Chris Smith, and incoming President Chris Wright acknowledged how pleased they were that such a brief process of signing the Memorandum of Understanding with CCCA, opened up such exciting opportunity for both associations. In his speech in reply for CCCA, Chair Matthew Darby acknowledged the opportunities that such an agreement could provide to members across both countries.
The Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between the Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association of Australia Limited and Climate Control Companies Association of New Zealand is available for viewing at the Association’s website - www.amca.com.au

Date Issued: 16 October 2015


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CCCA: Paul Town Executive Officer T: +64 9 273 0044

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