My Future Rocks - Enjoy the Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of having an apprentice without the hassle of having to manage a formal employment agreement.

A group-training organisation meaning:

·         We recruit, assess for suitability and employ the apprentice
·         We are responsible for all employment law – including discipline and dismissal
·         We pay the ACC levies for the apprentice – the apprentice is the same as a contractor on your site
·         We run a Health & Safety programme focused on thinking safely about themselves, work colleagues and customers, without being                bureaucratic – this model meets the recent changes to Health & Safety legislation.

We provide mental resilience training for all our apprentices

·         The training is focussed on appropriate skills to cope through the tough times (personal and professional)
·         Apprentices learn how to be more productive
·         Apprentices learn the skills of thinking about the business and their role within it
·         They learn how to be responsible workers and members of society

We conduct regular medical checks plus pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing

We provide regular reporting on progress towards achieving National Certificate

There are no hidden costs

·         All costs are recovered during the working week – when the apprentice is on annual leave, sick leave, bereavement leave or a block             course, the seconding company is not invoiced
·         We provide personal protective equipment

The seconding company focuses on core business, rather than core business & being a training company.

For further information, please contact:
Bruce Howat - CEO
021 671 566

Tama Matene
027 285 1077